Community Safety

Senator Iris Martinez - Community Safety

Senator Martinez has fought to make our district a safe place for families. She has supported efforts to reform the criminal justice system by de-criminalizing minor, non-violent offenses that can cause our youth to establish criminal records that often follows them into adulthood.  Senator Martinez knows that our communities thrive when we all participate in keeping neighborhoods free of violence …

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Women’s Issues

Senator Iris Martinez is running for another term to represent the 20th District - Women's Issues

As a single mother, Senator Martinez has always been a champion for issues that matter most to women. During her career, Sen. Martinez has demonstrated a proven record in defending women’s health and reproductive rights.  She has supported paid sick leave to ensure that single mothers have access to resources for their children, because she believes that women should not …

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Senior Citizens

Senator Iris Martinez - Senior Issues

Senator Martinez works to make the 20th district a safe and affordable place to live for seniors.  She continues to fight for additional resources that will provide home-care services to our elderly citizens allowing them to continue living in their own homes as opposed to nursing homes.

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Senator Martinez will continue to fight for our military veterans and work to make sure they are treated with the honor and respect they deserve when they return home.

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Senator Iris Martinez is running for another term to represent the 20th District - Sensible Gun Laws

Senator Martinez is fighting to keep illegal guns off the street. She supports universal background checks and stricter penalties for people convicted of bringing firearms across state lines.

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